Enderun Milking Systems and Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd. Sti. ; located in Bursa , Turkey ; has given a start to production in 2010 under the brand name of MILKMACH . Thanks to modern production technologies , highly-skilled employees and flexibility to customer demands , our capacity and production capability are going higher and higher day after day. Afore-mentioned city Bursa known as the heart of production for Turkey has given us all the necessary advantages in order to meet our customer or partner requirements. Apart from Mobile Milking Machines , we are capable of producing Fixed Milking Systems in our production facility located in Nilufer Organized Industrial Zone known as NOSAB. As was mentioned above , our flexibility has led us to endless innovation and prompt replies to our business partners . Experience accumulated throughout the years has given us the idea of exporting our goods by the very beginning of 2011 Focused on both domestic and foreign markets , we dedicated ourselves to high quality and utmost customer satisfaction. The core of our business is based on standing behind what we produced as a TSE and CE certificated company. With our dedicated staff and management personnel , we will be more than obliged to be at your service or at least offer you a cup of coffee in order to discuss a prosperous and fruitful business relationship between both sides.

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